Shrewdd supports the Samaritans festival branch

Shrewdd logo on whiteShrewdd Marketing, the Halifax/Yorkshire-based marketing agency, is providing support to the Samaritans festival branch by offering its public relations and social media services free of charge.

The company is raising awareness of the Samaritans festival branch’s attendance at a variety of festivals throughout the summer by issuing press releases, liaising with the media and managing a twitter campaign. Even though the project is only in its infancy, the charity’s work has already been showcased in a wide variety of radio, print and online media.

The Samaritans festival branch has a dedicated team of approachable, fully trained volunteers that offer a non-judgemental, fully confidential, face-to-face listening service for all festival visitors and employees, no matter how serious or how trivial the matter may seem.

In 2015 the charity attended 17 festivals and listened to over 8,100 people, recognising that even though festivals can be full of celebration, the loneliest place in the world is to be an unhappy person in a place full of happy people.

Commenting on Shrewdd Marketing’s support for the charity, Austin Duffy, marketing manager at Samaritans festival branch commented,

“It’s always a pleasure working with the team at Shrewdd Marketing, everyone at the company is approachable and understands our requirements as a charity. So far there has been some great media coverage and we look forward to working with the company throughout the summer and on projects in the future.”

Alf Lombardi, director at Shrewdd Marketing added,

“The Samaritans festival branch is a wonderful service and as a company we are more than happy to offer our marketing support to the charity ex gratia. By increasing awareness of the Samaritans festival branch’s attendance at some of the UK’s largest festivals, more people may feel inclined to use the charity’s services if they need someone to talk to.”

Over the course of the last few years Shrewdd Marketing has worked for number of national and local charities, including, the Wallace and Gromit Children’s Charity, which helps to improve the lives of sick children in hospitals and hospices across the country and Working Wonders, which provides support for young people and employers within Halifax.

For more information on the Samaritans festival branch please visit

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