BIU Group, a leading clothing and textile recycling company, is celebrating its latest milestone of £8 million raised for its charity partners, thanks in part to the support of Morrisons, who have allowed banks to be placed sited at over 30 stores in Yorkshire and the South West.

Launched in 2005, the textile recycling scheme was kick-started by setting up a partnership with Yorkshire Air Ambulance, a charity which the Bradford-based supermarket has also supported for a number of years. Since 2005, the scheme has grown exponentially, supporting regional causes ranging from air ambulance charities, search and rescue organisations to hospices and community sport groups.

Over the last few years the funds raised through the scheme have assisted in supporting air ambulance charities to provide life-saving emergency medical service and in purchasing vehicles such as the recently procured Land Rover for Hampshire Search and Rescue. Funds generated from the public’s recycling donations have also contributed to ongoing projects like the provision of Ark Cancer Centre Charity’s cancer treatment centre in Basingstoke.

BIU’s patented textile banks provide a means for the charity partners to raise regular and sustainable funds as members of the public donate their unloved clothing, shoes and textiles. BIU Group’s drivers collect the donations on a regular basis; these are then reused or recycled to raise vital, life changing and life-saving funds for BIU’s charity partners.

Wendy Yarney, BIU’s Charity Partnerships Manager, said: “We are in the mood for celebration after hitting such a large milestone for our charity partners. Our work has helped to save or improve the lives of many people by providing funds towards the lifesaving and life- changing goals our charity partners have. They are all fantastic organisations and we’re constantly in awe of the work which they carry out every single day. We are looking forward to hitting the next milestone for them as soon as possible!”

Carrie Smith, BIU’s Contract Manager, added, “We couldn’t have achieved this fantastic amount of funding without the assistance from various community groups and organisations around the country who have agreed to have one of our charity partner’s banks in their grounds. A big thank you goes to the staff at Morrisons for their ongoing support at their supermarkets, where to allow us to provide facilities for their customers to dispose of their unwanted clothing and help a great local cause.”

Recycling banks are sited at various venues around the country, including local authority owned sites, schools and colleges, sports clubs and on privately owned land.

Members of the public wishing to contribute to reaching the next milestone and helping more charities can do so by locating the nearest bank  and donating their unwanted textile items.

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