Multi-million digital investment in the future of communications

Paragon Customer Communications, a leading provider of digital and print communications, announced at an inaugural Financial Services Client Forum it has made a multi-million-pound investment in a growing range of customer-focused solutions for the financial services sector.

In addition, the company announced it is expanding into new key European financial centres including Luxembourg and Dublin, to support new and existing customers to develop successful targeted inbound and outbound communication strategies. The investment builds on Paragon Customer Communications’ cross-border expertise and presence.

The Forum highlighted to invited guests the advancements made in the fields of data and technology to drive greater client experience, engagement and customer journeys, specifically developed to meet the evolving needs of financial sector companies in an ever-changing market landscape.

Presentations included details about investments in innovative technologies, including AI and Automation, that are supporting the company’s new Inbound Digital Mailroom solution. Already deployed across a number of market sectors, including financial services, the solution has allowed some customers to save many millions of pounds, with a payback period of only 12 months.

The technology developed for the Inbound Digital Mailroom solution establishes a single point of receipt for both print and digital mail. Once it has been received, incoming paper mail is sorted according to content and digitalised, enabling everything to be stored digitally, removing the need for reams of paper documents to be physically filed away. A fully digital service means documents can be retrieved at the click of a button.

Keynote speeches were delivered by several members of the Paragon senior management team, including Seán Shine, Chief Operating Officer of Paragon Group, and Jeremy Walters, CEO of Paragon Customer Communications.

Mr Walters said, “Financial Services is an important sector for Paragon Customer Communications, having worked together with companies in the industry for many years.

“From talking to our customers, our research has identified that digital transformation and speed to market, all underpinned by the latest compliance and regulation requirements, are pivotal to their communications strategies.

“The Forum gave us the opportunity to demonstrate to our customers that by working together, we can deliver the future of brilliant customer communications on a global scale.

“With a presence in over 15 countries, we continue to identify and develop opportunities to further expand our capabilities in our core markets, which include the UK and Europe.”

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