Harvard Technology expands CLi Pro driver range with leading-edge DALI and analogue variants

Harvard Technology, a pioneer in the design, development and manufacture of smart lighting solutions, which in 2018 will be celebrating its 25th anniversary, has continued to push the boundaries of smart LED lighting innovations by expanding its leading-edge CoolLED Pro programmable driver range, with the addition of a CLi15 1-10V/0-10V Analogue dimmable and CLi40 DALI variants.

Fully optimised for a wide range of connected lighting systems for a range of applications, the power factor corrected, fully isolated output driver, was initially launched in November 2017 at the LUX Live exhibition, in a 15W DALI variant, delivering a programmable output current range between 100-1400mA.

The state-of-the-art CoolLED Pro drivers utilise the most advanced circuit technology to date, delivering significant improvements in energy efficiency, performance and connected LED lighting capabilities.

Both the CLi15 1-10V/0-10V and CLi40 DALI drivers support the precise tuning of output current in 1mA step increments and smooth linear dimming down to 0.1% over the entire output range, with options for mains tolerant DALI dimming.

The innovative drivers can be pre-programmed in the factory or at the customer location via a programming software interface, allowing the complete freedom to control the output power in any configuration they wish.

What’s more, the new drivers can be easily implemented as part of a wireless lighting controls solution and are fully compatible with Harvard Technology’s award-winning wireless control and management system, EyeNut.

Surge protected up to 4kV, the innovative CoolLED drivers boast a highly efficient twin-stage design that delivers significant energy savings. Drive efficiency performance at 89%, at full load, optimises cool operation, longer life and class leading system efficacy.

An optimised driver design ensures ultra-low flicker performance of less than 1% at 100Hz/120Hz across the entire output range, mitigating the risks of invisible random flicker and comfortably meeting the requirements of IEEE1789: 2015.

With an input voltage range of between 220 and 240V and a 50,000-hour lifetime at 80°C case temperature, the devices deliver exceptional performance, flexibility and reliability for the most demanding of applications.

The CLi15 1-10 & 0-10V analogue dimmable driver boasts a new ultra-slim form factor of 22mm x 55.5mm x 137mm.

Tim McKernan, head Of OEM sales at Harvard Technology, said: “We are delighted to have continued our history of innovation, and built on our reputation for delivering quality products and solutions, by introducing the CLi15 1-10V/0-10V analogue and CLi40 DALI low voltage SELV drivers to our best-selling CoolLED range.

“The new drivers mark a significant leap forward in LED driver functionality, not only enabling a level of programmability that has not previously been attainable, but also expanding the possibilities for connected solid-state lighting (SSL). High-performance and feature rich, the DALI drivers employ proven, standardised DALI technology, making them ideal for a wide range of lighting applications.

All of Harvard Technology’s LED Solutions are designed, developed and manufactured in the UK and come with a five-year warranty.

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