Magnomatics’ powertrain is first to be unveiled at LCV 2018

Magnomatics, the Sheffield-based world leader in magnetic gear technology, showcased the company’s latest ground-breaking innovations for low carbon vehicles at Cenex-LCV 2018.

The two-day expo saw Innovate UK unveil initiatives that place the UK firmly at the forefront of the global LCV sector. Demonstrations also took place of various projects funded through the Low Emissions Freight and Logistics Trial.

First to be unveiled was Magnomatics’ MAGSPLIT device, which combines engine power with an electrical boost system to provide a simple yet highly efficient hybrid powertrain.

Supported by Innovate UK and the Office for Low Emission Vehicles, Magnomatics has developed and built a MAGSPLIT hybrid powertrain for the Chinese car giant Changan, to be used in the Eado and CS75 models.

This year’s Cenex-LCV show coincided with the publication of the latest review into the impact of funding support for low and zero emission vehicle projects over the past three years.

The Low and Zero Emissions Vehicles Impact Review 2018, published on September 12,  looks at the period between July 2014 and December 2017. A total of £99.5m in funding was granted by Innovate UK and other partners to 300 industry participants – including Magnomatics – to pay for 119 projects.

Key findings include:

  • For every £1 invested, a return on investment (ROI) is expected of up to £8.40 for the companies over the next five to 10 years. This goes up to £22.60 over a 10- to 15-year period;
  • The cumulative ROI contribution is expected to be £400m over a five- to 10-year period, rising to £999 billion over 10-15 years;
  • Companies predict that 6,000 highly-skilled jobs will be created within 10 years.

Dave Latimer, CEO of Magnomatics, said: “We are delighted to have had the opportunity to showcase the MAGSPLIT powertrain we are developing with Changan. This is the first time we have built a fully integrated unit specifically designed for a vehicle.”

Dr Ian Campbell, interim executive chairman of Innovate UK, added: “The UK is a centre of excellence for automotive and R&D support, as evidenced by the scale and quality of projects on show at LCV 2018.

“Exciting projects such as the Magnomatics powertrain development show how our funding can stimulate collaborative innovation that has the potential to have a long-standing impact on the automotive sector.

“Our latest review into the impact of R&D funding for low carbon and zero emissions projects also shows the long-term benefits for these companies in terms of jobs and growth.”

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