Exyte as new brand for core business activities of M+W Group and M+W Hargreaves

Lancashire, 2 November 2018 M+W Hargreaves, an international leader in the research, design, manufacture, installation & commissioning of critical – high integrity mechanical systems + components, proudly announced the launch of a new name. The business will execute its activities under the new brand Exyte Hargreaves Ltd. with immediate effect.

The new brand name is the logical next step in the company’s strategic development. With an unrivalled expertise for controlled and regulated environments such as nuclear energy, defence, transport, advanced technology facilities, data centre and life sciences, the company has developed into a leading international engineering company for high-technology facilities. During the past year, the company has undertaken large steps to reorganize, refocus and align its strategy to the fastest growing markets.

This is in line with its parent company, the pioneering cleanroom technology innovators Exyte who have, to better serve the growing needs of its clients, successfully refocused its activities.

“Alongside our parent company, we are delighted to announce our name change and share our management team’s vision that we need a name that responds to our new strategy, that generates more emotion and that emphasizes the future ahead of us. The rebranding of our company to Exyte Hargreaves is a significant milestone and a logical step forward in our strategic development,” said Andy Sneyd, Managing Director of Exyte Hargreaves Ltd.

The name and brand Exyte for the core business activities of the company comes from the word “excite”. The unique spelling was chosen to reflect the uniqueness of the company. Exyte stands for feelings of enthusiasm as well as for long-term engineering experience and excellence. Furthermore, the name emphasizes the company’s ambition to attract and retain the best talent and to excite its customers with a pioneering spirit, its commitment to perform and its capability to find and implement tailor-made solutions around the globe.

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