CP Media announces partnership with Kong Media

CP Media, one of the UK’s leading independent media solutions providers, has signed a partnership agreement with Kong Media.

The mutually beneficial arrangement will see the two companies collaborating on projects nationwide with CP Media marketing Kong Media’s sites in targeted direct market campaigns.

CP Media has commercial activities with a growing number of asset owners and manages over 3000 sites situated in some of the busiest locations, in cities and towns across the UK. More recently the company’s assets portfolio expanded to include digital screens in some of Yorkshire’s key transport hubs.

The new partnership will allow both companies to further develop their portfolio of solutions by offering large format media platforms in cities, towns and communities across the UK in a more localised manner.

Kong Media delivers out-of-home advertising for brands and has signage networks in in locations across the UK with retained sites, in Leeds, Sheffield, Doncaster and Newcastle.

Mike Brennan, Chief Executive Officer CP Media said: “The agreement with Kong Media is evidence of our strategic plan to continue diversifying not only our portfolio of assets, but also the services we provide across the UK. We are looking forward to developing a successful working relationship with the team at Kong Media.”

“We are thrilled local organisations and businesses alike, in cities and towns across the UK, will now have the opportunity to feature on large format digital media in their local area. An option that wasn’t previously available to them.”

Ross Barrett, Managing Director of Kong Media commented: “The agreement is a fantastic development and brings many mutual benefits. It will allow us to play to our strengths and pool our capabilities – CP Media’s commercial and sales expertise and Kong Media’s capacity to build and install screen sites (via our sister company, Big Vista) and screen management.”

For more information visit www.cpmedia.co.uk / www.kongoutdoor.com

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